Interview with Professor Stephen Lord

Professor Lord’s research aims to enhance understanding of human balance and involves investigations of sensory and motor contributions, behavioural influences, environmental factors, as well as clinical populations and settings. Current studies are designed to investigate the physiology and biomechanics of standing, walking and stepping reactions. Fall risk factors and strategies for prevention of falls in different populations are being systematically examined in large-scale studies.

Professor Stephen Lord is a chief investigator of the Motor Impairment Program, a five-year (2014-2018) NHMRC-funded grant. Over the last 20 years, Stephen Lord has worked in the areas of applied physiology, instability, falls and fractures in older people. His methodology and approach to falls-risk assessment has been adopted by many researchers across the world. With colleagues he has written the most comprehensive book on Falls in Older People (published by Cambridge University Press).


Professor Stephen Lord, NHMRC Senior Principle Research Fellow, Senior Principal Research Fellow at NeuRA.

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