Lee Walsh

About Lee Walsh

Dr Lee Walsh is an expert in how the brain senses and perceives the body and its movement. He has a particular interest in our sense of position and movement, called proprioception, and the physiology underlying bodily awareness. Lee's work has changed the way scientists view proprioception and he is now working to translate this new knowledge into the clinic. Lee's research also aims to understand the motor impairments caused by disruptions to proprioception and bodily awareness. Such disruptions are part of many conditions, including stroke and Parkinson's disease.

Anaesthesia makes us feel fat, not big

The brain cannot properly control the movement of the body without knowing something about its size.  However, the body does not have receptors to signal size directly, the brain has to work it out using information from multiple senses (e.g. touch, vision, proprioception) and then store it in body “maps” […]