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3 thoughts on “Interview: Prof Paul Hodges talks about pain and altered movement

  • sarah plummer

    I have had a L2/L3 disc problem for 2 years (diagnosed by a physio, GP not willing to order an MRI) . that has steadily improved, although is still an issue. However , I now have ? right sided sacro-tuberous ligament pain ( again physio diagnosis, but it fits perfectly). I walk and swim, but can no longer run at all or cycle very far. – I have been a triathlete and am now 52.
    I consider myself to be pretty tough and just get on with stuff, but the pain is getting me down, and no-one seems to have any advice, what do you think my next move should be?

    • Jim Nuzzo

      Hi Sarah,

      We cannot give specific medical advice but we suggest a general review by your GP and if appropriate further investigation if the pain persists or becomes worse.

      More information on pain and health can be found at: https://bodyinmind.org/.

      Blog administrators

  • Sanjar

    Very interesting, thank you for sharing these insights – amazing to see how everything in a body is interconnected, and how exercise can actually help with pain. Thank you for the work that you do, I hope it will pave the way for a more joyful life for all those suffering from pain today.