Interview: Professor Lorimer Moseley talks about science communication 1

Scientists publish their most important findings in scientific journals. But who reads those journals? Almost exclusively other scientists. That means that the vast majority of people, who fund the research through their taxes, will never hear about the results even though they might be important for them. Professor Lorimer Moseley from the University of South Australia and Neuroscience Research Australia has some ideas about how scientists can better reach the general public. We had the opportunity to interview him when he spoke at the Motor Impairment Meeting in November last year. Watch this video for his ideas!



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One thought on “Interview: Professor Lorimer Moseley talks about science communication

  • Mick Butler

    Professor Moseley hits the nail on the head with regards making science entertaining. His seminar are evidence of this and makes him easy to listen to! Once or twice I found tears running down my eyes with laughter (I don’t laugh a lot). His pelvic tilt walk is somewhat to be admired!