Motor Impairment Blog’s most popular posts

Over the past 4.5 years, researchers from all over the world have written non-technical summaries on their research for the Motor Impairment Blog. Consequently, the Blog contains a rich archive of information on topics such as muscle strength and weakness, falls and balance, sensation, pain, motor control, and research methods. Below, we provide a fast track to this archive. We have listed the 5 most popular posts in the Blog’s history. We hope you enjoy reading (or re-reading) them!


Is the voluntary control of breathing the same as normal involuntary breathing?

Author: Dr. Billy Luu, Neuroscience Research Australia




Interview: Prof Paul Hodges talks about pain and altered movement

Interview with Prof Paul Hodges, University of Queensland




Neural mechanisms related to the reduction in muscle force after stretching

Author: Dr. Gabriel Trajano, Queensland University of Technology




Treatment options for musculoskeletal pain: an overview of current evidence

Author: Dr. Opeyemi Babatunde, Keele University




Skin at the back of the ankle contributes to awareness of ankle position

Author: Dr. Leah Bent, University of Guelph




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